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Jul 9, 2009 - 01:37 PM
A question to those running Win7 RC1`
I pre-ordered the upgrade edition of win7. (My first time purchasing windows ever) Now, running the RC1 of win7 right now, I'm trying to find information if the upgrade edition will be able to do a clean install of it, or would I really need to downgrade to xp and upgrade from there.. I certainly hope not. I dont have any valid XP keys >.<

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[public entry #31]

Mar 31, 2009 - 11:09 PM
Dear Mr.Turbo

We have given your application for admission as a mature student very careful consideration and regret to inform you that we are unable to admit you to the University.
So did not need to get that today.

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[public entry #30]

Jan 3, 2009 - 07:13 PM
Halp me Gamingforce, I needz a TV!
Okay, I'm moving back home, and with coming with me is my soon to be brand new TV. Though I don't know which TV I'm getting yet.

either 32 or 37 inch. I'm leaning towards LCD over plasma because it will double as a second computer monitor. I'll have my PS3 and Wii hooked up to it as well.

Suggestions? Make/Model? Any help would be most appreciated

o btw, happy new year and christmas or whatever you celebrate these days

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[public entry #29]

Oct 26, 2008 - 10:13 AM
PS3 Broked
So I got accepted into the Resistance 2 beta, downloaded the game, patched it, played it.. and now, my PS3 fails to read any disk in the drive whether it be a blu-ray, a game, or a normal DVD movie.

I bought it last november and I can't find the reciept.. I'm so screwed -.-

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[public entry #28]

Feb 15, 2008 - 11:10 PM
My Video Games Live review
(A re-post from the thread itself. Link)

Alright. The man himself asked for it, and so I shall report. Here comes my review of Video Games Live, when they were here for two days this month. (7th, and 8th)

It started with a nice medley of all your classic games. From Pong, to frogger, joust, galaga, centipede and even dig-dug. All played in tune to the big projection screen showing footage from each game. Fast Forward.. Solid Snake surprises us by introducing Tommy. Tommy comes out, talks a little about VGL, the 'world''s thoughts on game music in general and how it's now starting to be noticed and considered as real music; not just 'bleeps and bloops from a game'. Onwards, Metal Gear Solid theme, your good 'ol Mario, Zelda, and even sonic had their music played. Civilization, WoW, Starcraft 2, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy (was there any doubt?) Beyond Good and Evil (as a tribute to our local Ubi-Soft devs) Graet preformance, great selection (except for no castlevania )

In between a couple of songs, contests were held. The first being one guy was picked to play Galaga and beat the first stage in two minutes. Sounds easy ne? Not so, when as you were on stage, you had to run left and right to control the ship. You were being tracked. Hilarity. He couldn't get it. What was funnier was the player was french and had to use a translator to talk to Tommy.

Contest two, was a game of frogger between two randomly selected people. Highest score wins in 2 mins. (Frederic and Frederic. What were the chances of that :P) Frederic won, got a nice prize. The looser got frogger.

Intermission. (which in itself was great. I finally found a use for pictochat. So many DS's)

Act 2. More music. Tommy brought out Michael Salvatori (Halo music composer) and he spoke about how lots of people thought that the chanting you hear in the main theme were monks.. Wrong. It was M.Salvatori himself, along with a few other street performers. Halo music was played. (Didn't know Tommy played Guitar. That was rad!) Fast Forward some more.

Special Guest was introduced. The Video Game Pianist He played a really kick-ass Medley from Final Fantasy. Then graced us with some blindfolded mario.

2 hours later.. Best part.
Tommy: "So, usually when it comes time for the last song, in a normal concert, people would pull out their lighters and wave them around. But we're all gamers here. Lets see those DS's and PSP's! If they boot up quick enough!"

All those backlights sure lit up the theater. It was pretty neat. End song was of course One Winged Angel. More guitar playing by Tommy. And with that, the show ended.

Afterwards, the meet and greet. Bought a T-shirt. Got it signed by M.Salvatori, Leung, and Tommy. Heh, told him I was from here. He remembered me. We spoke for a bit, snapped a picture (Which is crazy lol. my expression is priceless) and then I left.

What a crazy fun night that was. It surpassed my expectations a hundred fold, and I do urge anyone that gets the chance to go, to go. Don't wait for the last moment to get tickets. Get them ASAP. It'll surely be a night you'll remember for a long time. (And say you're from GFF too :P)

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[public entry #27]

Sep 21, 2007 - 09:26 AM
Oh my. I think I'm about to be rich! GFF, help me get my money!
So I have to say, I love getting this kind of spam.

Dear Friend,

I am Madam Laarni Enriquez, a native of Philippine nationality, and a divorcee. I would like to have a long lasting and confidant relationship with you,if possible entrusting my life time fortune into your possession,as now I am broken hearted and needs someone to trust,without remembering my past and forsaken experiences from close confidants and family. I need someone, who would take me for whom I am and as a life time partner , after making claims of my deposited life.Well, from your profile, I believe in me that you ought to be a very honest person.I would like to give you a brief description of my life.I was once the mistress of our President, Joseph Estrada, and during his tenure in office, I was been used as a courier to depositing his funds, but due to the fracas I had with his wife, Madam Loi and her son, Jude, it cause s a public embarrasement and people came to know that I had been having an affair with the President.

But, not quite long, I was arrested, together with his wife and son, in connection with the 27th July, 2003, failed coup,which I did not have anything to do with, but was alleged that I have been habouring some of the dessident and arms in one of the villa, bought for me by the resident.But, now, I have been released and I am under security watch and seriously monitored. All, I wanted from you is to assist me make claims of some funds, I did deposited west Africa,as the other deposits documents have been consficated and seized by the government of Madam Gloria, the President.

But,this one is the only one they could not see,as I did kept the documents with one of my close confidant, who was also arrested. The Amount being deposited is much about 20.2 million Euros, as this was the money that was supposed to be used by the President to aquire s ome properties in America, Europe and Africa.All, I want from you, now is honesty and sincerity,as, as soon as this money is claimed by you, I will look for a way out and sneaked out of Philippines and travel down to meet you, So we can go into a life time partnership together,in investing this money in your country and anywhere else you prefer. I will send you my Photo, which I have with me and the Only one left.

Sincerely yours,
Laarni E.Enriquez
And I feel like having a bit of fun. How should I reply back, to get my money? I'll pick pieces of the best ones and send em off, and wait for a reply.

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[public entry #26]

Aug 20, 2007 - 06:42 PM
Accident update + fundraiser
So, its been nearly three weeks since the accident, and I've been getting alot of info back. Step-dad is doing okay, he took the loss of his leg rough, but I spoke to him today and he told me "sometimes life throws shit at you, you just have to take it and keep walking forwards" So, all in all, he's doing okay. Has another surgery to go to, then he's out of the hospital and into rehab for a few months.. Gona learn how to walk properly with a prosthesis.

Next! A link. (Click it too, because therse pictures of the bikes and the blazer that hit them)

and quotes from the link

3 members of the CMC, Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers West Island Chapter were hit head on while rounding a 90 degree corner. They were on a Sunday morning ride just after 11:am when a Blazer driven by a drunk driver rammed into them in their lane. The driver was racing with another and this was not his first time stopped for DUI.

BADD has met with Conrad Peeck, one of the victims and has picked up and transported his bike to his garage for the rebuild. We also set them up with Michael Politis our victim assistant director to save them from the hassles and the red tape.

We wish them all the best in the recovery process and will be here when they need us.

Shown above from left is Walter, Conrad, and Paul before the accident.

It is evident that these guys are going to need some extra effort so BADD has decided to offer all the members of CMC one ticket for our Worlds Largest Bike Giveaway for every dollar donated to these victims.

10 Big Twin Harleys and 2 custom pick up trucks are up for grabs at the next Daytona Bike Week.

Go to our home page, click on the spinning Harley and fill the form out. Where it says " How did you hear about this fundraiser" click on CMC Website.

100% of all orders will be put to use on these 3 brothers.

A progress report will be posted every week.

Thanks for your support.
I of course, will be giving a little bit of what I can... 'cause well, he's my step-dad, and it would be wrong not to.

What else for a progress update.. Oh, I got a cell phone. The red motorola krzr. Its pretty neat.

See you~

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[public entry #25]

Aug 6, 2007 - 11:23 AM
There's been an...accident.

2007-08-06 06:29:00
Three West Island motorcylists are in serious condition after they were hit by an alleged drunk driver in the Eastern townships yesterday.

The Surete du Quebec's Anne Mathieu says the suspect was going west on 132 when he plowed into the riders.

The three motorcyclists are from Kirkland, Roxboro, and Baie D'Urfe. The were taken to separate hospitals with injuries ranging from serious to critical. If the suspect was over the limit, he will be charged with drunk driving.
My Step-Dad was involved in that...I'll spare the details, because I can't bring myself to write it out again, but they amputated his leg at the knee.

There he is.

Things are going to be different now, but I'm thankful that he still has his life. Everyone will make it through with some changes and things will be okay.

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[public entry #24]

Jul 22, 2007 - 03:39 AM
11:30am - 4:35am
Cover to cover, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.


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[public entry #23]

Jul 14, 2007 - 09:44 PM
Do I get this now?
for $380...

Intel Dual Core 3.2ghz Computer (2 cores of 3.2ghz each!) with 4mb of CPU Cache. Very very fast!...

Most components are Brand NEW including CPU, Motherboard, Memory & HD.

Warranty on key components; CPU 3 years, Motherboard 1 year, Western Digital HD 2 years warranty from manufacturer. Kingston Memory Lifetime.


Excellent computer for Gamers and PowerUsers. Runs WINDOWS VISTA ULTIMATE WITH AERO DESKTOP ENABLED.

It is very fast and upgradeable computer for the future. You can plop in a faster dual core CPU, more Memory, a highend gaming PCI-express Video card, bigger SATA or IDE hard drives...etc...(supports up to 8 drives!). Has powerful 450watt power supply, great to support many accessories (more drives, more dvds, gaming video cards etc...).

Includes manual/cdrom/extra HD SATA Cable & SATA Power Adapter. And floppy cable and extra front drive bay cover.

• Brand New Intel 3.2ghz DualCore CPU with 4mb cache (dualcore cache memory is 4 times faster then the AMD Athlon 64 and it has a lot of cache memory - it makes a BIG difference in performance). • Brand New ECS motherboard (has many features, adjustable and very reliable – never overclocked but you can bump up the speed a lot on this higher model dual core CPU, 4.1ghz~4.3ghz range from reading online. • Brand NEW Kingston 1gb 667mhz DDR2 memory. • Brand NEW 200gb Western Digital SATA HD. • As new, little use TEAC 16x DVDRW- Dual Layer Writer. (removed to lower price, can include for $35)• 8 USB 2.0 ports (4 rear, 2 front & 2 onboard). • Onboard ATI Radeon X300 series Express Video. • Upgradeable via PCI-express x16 slot, plus other standard slots and connectors. • 10/100mbit LAN, for DSL or Cable Internet & homeoffice networks. • Onboard 6 channel surround sound Audio. plus SPDIF DIGITAL coaxial output (onboard) for Dolby Digital Surround Sound HT receivers (direct decoding of digital signal using your highend home theater equipment if you choose to). • Onboard SATA, 4 drives with Raid plus 4 fast IDE additional drives (total of 8 drives!). • Brand new case with 2 USB & Audio plugs on front. • Brand NEW Reliable 450watt 24pin power supply. • Quiet, reliable fast computer. And good looking modern case. Very clean interior cable installation, looks great and keeps interior cooler with better airflow. • Software installed: Reinstalled fresh and stable Windows XP Pro Edition (with SP2 & all current MS update patches/security updates) & additional software: Antivirus, DVD player, burner, video editing, etc. Please ask. • All working perfectly, stable and very fast.

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[public entry #22]

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