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Intelligence is nothing more than discussing things with others. Limitless wisdom comes from this. Humanity is done for the sake of others, simply comparing oneself with them and putting them in the fore. Courage is getting one's teeth; it is simplly doing that and pushing ahead, paying no attention to the circumstances.

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Jun 19, 2007 - 11:35 PM
Small Update
I need to go to bed soon, however, I can update my journal right quickly.

Went to Florida recently, had a nice trip. How ever, every cloud that has a silver lining is usually a storm cloud. Even though I enjoyed the beach and had a grand old time with my grandmother (whom I rarely see), about 2 or 3 bad juju things happened in response. First off was that I couldn't sleep at all during the first parts of the trip due to the fact of the absence of beds so I had to sleep on the floor. Unfortunately I couldn't sleep on the floor so I migrated over to a love seat. It's actually pretty funny to see a 6' person sleeping on a love seat (or so I've been told). Secondly, it seems that when I told work about my little trip, they misinterpreted me. So they thought that I was flying to Florida on Monday and back on Monday, Seriously who thinks like that? Sp they scheduled me for Sunday, and I wasn't there. Include that with the previous week (someone crossed me out and didn't tell me (I think it's co-worker Sabotage) They are seriously starting to mess with me so I'm going to confront the manager tomorrow and demand the hours I deserve.

I've been playing Valkyrie profile on PSP. It's actually quite fun. And last thing is that I decided to loose weight. That way I don't have to worry about clothes as often as well as being healthier. I've been hungry a bit recently, but I walked a mile and a half quite easily, and was able to have some healthy foods instead of some of the snacks in the house as well as perfect a Smoothie recipe (Crushed ice, Milk, Little bit of Sweetener, and fruit of choice).

So thats it for the update,

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Jun 14, 2007 - 12:16 AM
I've died quickly these past 3 games
You know, I wonder when I'm gonna get a break, But considering the many denizens of GFF that don't like me (Deni, Shin, etc. etc.) I don't think I'm gonna get any break at all. I would whine and complain about this but I thought that I've done enough whining so I'm just gonna say Shame on you for continuously killing me before I have a chance to play. I've made a few mistakes, true, but I can't learn if I don't play and every time I'm killed, it just strengthens my resolve to play. So go ahead and kill me. I DON'T CARE. I'll just keep coming back.

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Jun 12, 2007 - 02:36 PM
Fuck You Walmart
Fuck you walmart, I'm not hired because my assesment quiz. Just because I don't have as much common sense as others, doesn't mean that you can't hire me and hire all of the fucking redneck hiks that work for you now.

I swear I'm gonna do what south park did and Kill Walmart like they did.

Response entries:
I'm laughing like hell over here by Kilroy

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Jun 9, 2007 - 12:21 AM
Reformating not complete
But I have done enough to get my PC online with the most basics of basics running on it. I have yet to get the Documents backed up onto my PC and synch them (if anyone has some good synching files that are very useful please give me a PM). After I get that done and stuff and get the original programs back onto the computer, as well as some name brand ones, I think I'll be fine for the summer and I can do what I need to do.

All the while typing this up with my eyes closed. Oh and about forty words per minute according to Mo0's little flash game.

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[public entry #74]

Jun 5, 2007 - 02:04 PM
WHat happened to playable PC Games?
I've seen ctrl-alt-dlt's SHadowrun comic and though of it as interesting. THen later today when I was on digg, I found a SHadowrun review and I must say that The game looks very kickass. So kick ass in the fact that I think I already have a character set made or something along the lines. The only reason I haven't made him yet is because I don't own the game and I don't know the limitations. HOwever when I looked at Wikipedia to see what the game was all about, I found out that it was a Table top RPG at one point (Which is another story all together but that's not the gist of this entry).

The thing is though, when I finally found the entry on the recently released game, I found that it was for the Xbox 360 System and for Windows Vista. Now I'm not one to say that this isn't reasonable. On the contrary, I think that the Xbox franchise pulls in alot of money from the FPS titles as well as a myriad of American born titles (I swear to god that whenever I start talking about the XBox, I can hear USA, USA being chanted in the background like it's some Jock Party). Plus any games that come out for the XBox that I would like to try are just as readily as available on the other systems as well as the PC. SO I have yet to see a reason to get an XBox system just for that sole fact.

When I looked at the Wiki entry I saw that it would come out for the PC. I thought, Yeah I might like to get that, Let's see what OS it requires. Oh yeah, Vista, no surprise there. Lets see about the System Requirments, WHAT I DON"T HAVE THAT KIND OF CASH. I JUST UPDATED THE GRAPHICS CARD AND IT STILL ISN"T ENOUGH. SHIT. Suffice to say, I was pissed. I realized that Computers and things aren't behind the times and neither are the systems, but I built my own computer to be somewhat above average the normal persons computer, and I have always thought that. However I'm thinking that Now and days, Games are starting to Outstrip the average computer users requirements. I think it is a good thing to go just a little farther, but unless I'm mistaken, 2GB of RAM and a GeForce 7800 doesn't sound nowhere near close to the average user. SO I am poised with this question, has PC Game companies determined that the average user doesn't want to play Video games anymore?

EDIT: ANother thing I found out, the Console itself only has 512 MB of RAM, Which is exactly the same as the one on my comp now ( I know I need to upgrade it!). I understand an OS needs a little bit more and stuff so I would think a GB would be enough, but then I realized that VIsta takes a GB to do it's work so Then I think that 1.5 GB would be enough, WHy so much Microsoft Hmmmm???

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[public entry #73]

May 31, 2007 - 01:09 PM
My PC is starting to act up again. I think that it is a Software issue again. Looks like I'm going to have to re-format my computer and get it working to standards again. I'll just let it finish downloading some torrents and i'll prepare for the initial wipe. After that it should be a little smoother.

I still have my laptop and all to sift through as well. Well at least it will give me something to do.

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[public entry #72]

May 30, 2007 - 12:20 PM
About Future Prediction Dreams...
Response to: Vivid Dreams by Alice

In lieu of LeHah's sarcastic comment. I want to just say a few things about Future Prediction Dreams. Let me first say that future prediction dreams are big and they can have an impact on life. Being said, I want to tell everyone how I discern Future Prediction Dreams to Sigmund Analytical Dreams. Here is a simple list to help discern.
  1. If there is an Unrealistic element that is too great to be explained or believed (Ex. Demons plauging the earth, Mountains upon Mountains of Food etc), Then it is an Analytical Dream.
  2. If the dream involves a sequence that Involves a said person doing something that isn't normally done under normal conditions and it is seemed to be that said person would never do the event, then it is an Analytical Dream
  3. If the dream seems to be normal but you don't recognize the place or other things, It could be either.
  4. If the dream seems to be in the normal sequence of things and nothing extremely odd or the Dreamer feels nothing extremely odd about the dream, then it could be a Future prediction dream or a Remembering the Past dream.

Also let me say that Deja Vu can sometimes be the result of a Future prediction dream. One time I was playing pinball in the garage and I felt nothing out of normal but then I was Hit with Deja Vu like a wrecking ball so that it made me lose the Ball and I was momentarily stunned until i could figure it out.

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May 28, 2007 - 08:38 PM
Fucking Game!
Every single time I want to take a break from the Story line of .hack//GU and I want to lvl up my characters, complete a few quests, and do a little bit of selling. THEY FUCKING THROW A FUCKING KICK ASS FUCKING CURVEBALL!!!.

And here I am practically the only one of my friends who has watched .hack//roots and played this game. I wish I didn't get that E-mail from Phyllo.

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May 26, 2007 - 10:18 AM
I had to...
Beating the elite four vamps up ones pride.

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[public entry #69]

May 20, 2007 - 12:52 AM
This is how I feel like right now (Plus what I have Gotten)

And that my friends is why I have been absent recently.

Actually more truth be told, I've been in the middle of a Video Game orgy. If it wasn't for a few friends, parent's, and the want of more games; I probably would have some bed sores right now. Let's get to what I got recently huh? Now as you know I have a job at gamestop and one of the interesting things is a 25% discount on all used games and Accessories and 15% off of new games and used systems. So seeing as how I wasn't going to have a comfortable amount for the MAINE trip, I decided to splurge it all on games and stuffs. Let's see what we got (Mind you that most of this stuff is used)!

In a clockwise direction! Bigger yet Smaller PSP battery, New 4GB Stick for PSP, Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law Volume 2 DVD, and a used copy of SSBM. I got a discount on both the Mem stick and the Game in this picture but I had to go to Best buy for the Battery (Which I can't believe) and I say Birdman and I just had to get it. I've watched Birdman already and loved it, and I think that my PSP is alot more slimmer after losing the HD and the Bulky battery so now I use it as my CD Player in my car.

With the second .hack//GU saga coming out quite recently, I decided to play a little game of catch up and get both FFXII and .hack//GU Vol 1. Yet truth be told, I have yet to actually Put the disks into my PS2 T_T. Both of them are used so I got a major discount on them all (Plus I can remove stickers like a pro, Just give me a PM if you need a small Tutorial on how to remove those pesky GSTP Stickers).

These are the last things that I have bought (Including the Guitar in the first picture. I was tired of everyone being on Hard and Expert when I'm doing my best at medium when I play other peoples games so I decided to work on it myself. After unlocking every thing through medium, I decided to try on hard and let me tell you that I find it a great challenge. I'm still trying to learn. I also got GGI Because a friend gave me GGX and I've wanted to play a more modern version. That's the end of the stuff that I have bought. But I did borrow some stuff to.

It is also these two games that have been taking up the majority of my time this past week (That, Guitar Hero, and Star Trek on HDTV). I borrowed them from a friend and I'm already halfway through Twin Snakes and Almost finished on Met Prime II. I've already played them before but they have a high replay value if you Leave em be for a while and don't play em in a dogs age.

I also borrowed these, however, I haven't played them as much. I don't know why, oh well. I guess I'll get to them eventually.

So this is the reason why I haven't been here for the WOTW Recently. Oh and one more Apology for the Maine Trip guys.

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[public entry #68]

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