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Jul 2, 2007 - 03:35 PM
Comments! Oh boy!
Response to: My huge 150-game freeware list...gamingforceafied by Sceptre X

I haven't played War Rock...junky computer, I haven't even bothered to try.

As for the scores, I think I will throw some in.

As for Legends, not too bad, a little empty though...

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Jun 23, 2007 - 02:13 PM
My huge 150-game freeware list...gamingforceafied
I have brand new scores, so it's all out of 10.

If you have anything for me to add, throw it in the comments. Everything in this list is without morals, so it includes anything I grabbed from abandonware sites like HOTU. Enjoy.

+++Here are the best, moved to the front for glorification.
-Anacreon (My favorite megabyte. Great 4X strategy-10)
-The Ur-Quan Masters (best space opera RPG ever-9)
-Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (objective based WWII online FPS where you shoot stuff-8)
-X-Com: UFO Defence (The classic-7,569,438)
-Starsiege: Tribes (A glorious team based shooter with big jumps-9)
-System Shock 2 (Teh BEST EVER! FPSRPG scaryness-10)
-Anarchy Online (Still free or not, it's a great MMO-9)
-Freespace 2 (Teh BEST x2, space sim-10)
-Cube (3D shooter/engine that's just like Quake-8)
-N (Simple platformer in Flash-8)
-Warzone 2100 (A unique unit creation RTS-8)
-Battlezone (FPS/RTS excellence, patch 1.4L is standalone-9)

+++++Not the best, but good anyhow: free is fun!!!
-1213 (awesome sidescroller with a great story-7)
-OpenArena (free Quake III-7)
-Rainbow Wars (Geomentry Wars clone-6)
-Warring Forever (Boss shooter fights to the death-6)
-Albatross18: Seaon Two (Another you betcha know-6)
-Little Fighter 2 (if you have internet, you have this game-5)
-1848 (turn based strategy game from battlefront dudes-6)
-Shadowflare: Episode One (Hard but free Diablo clone-6)
-King's Quest Remakes (Old, nostalgia spank-5)
-Alien Arena 2007 (straight clone of Unreal 2003-6)
-Furcadia (A moderately boring MMORPG-3)
-Conquer Online (A not boring MMORPG-6)
-Cave Story (A brilliant Metroid-like game-7)
-Scorched 3D (Scorched Earth, but in 3D. Brilliant.-6)
-Terra: Battle for the Outland (A tank MMORPG that's seriously underpopulated-2)
-Artifact (Strategy MMO-3)
-Counter Strike 2D (The name says it all-4)
-Fire Start remake (Scary, sorta like System Shock-2)
-Frets on Fire (Guitar Hero-8)
-Gunz (A shooting MMO-7)
-Grid Wars (Another Geometry Wars clone-8)
-Flamewar (A hilarious forum-set shooter-6)
-Kuma Wars (Worth less than the trouble it causes, but maybe...-2)
-Grand Theft Auto 1 and 2 (Eh. Get one of them.-4)
-Stick Soldiers 2 (A sidescrolling deathmatch game-3)
-War Rock (Battlefield 2 for freeloaders-n/a)
-Ocular Ink (eyeball adventure-n/a)
-Sauerbraten (Cube sequel-7)
-Abuse (Teh cool 2D remake thing-5)
-Subspace/Continuum (old Geometry Wars-like MMO-ish 2D space shooter-4)
-Knytt (odd platformer-6)
-Ground Control (War of Conflict-dev team RTS-8)
-SWINE (RTS, might not be free anymore, not sure-n/a)
-Codename Gordon (2D Half-Life-7)
-Halo Zero (2D Halo-3)
-Savage (used to be store shelved, but it's good, RTS FPS combined-7)
-Really Rather Good Battles in Space (space combat RTS-6)
-Cholo (remake in 3D-5)
-Colormental (sidescroller-5)
-Maniac Mansion Deluxe (lucasarts remake-7)
-Tibia (junky but small MMO-1)
-Elder Scrolls: Arena (need DOSbox, but classic-4)
-War of Conquest (MMO Strategy-3)
-Narbacular Drop (puzzle portal game-5)
-RPG Toolkit (Scary-big RPG making thing-5)
-Soldat (Sidescrolling Quake thing-8)
-FEAR Combat (Haven't played it, see half-assed computer comment-n/a)
-Notrium (Survival sci-fi game-n/a)
-The Blob (Katamari/Mario hybrid; Mentioned on the podcast...interesting-5)
-Typhoon 2001 (Remake of atari game-6)
-Nexuiz (Unreal 2003/Quake type fragger-4)
-Dofus (MMO using Flash, of all things, kind of slow-3)
-UFO Defense (X-Com like game, nice and pretty-7)
-Cloud (brilliant 3D flying game with the best artwork I have seen-6)
-flOw (flash game worth downloading-6)
-kiki (an odd 3D puzzler-7)
-Quake (Pro and Joe for online deathmatch, oldy classic-7)
-Quake (Good free Quake II...good times-7)
-America's Army (FPS by the boys in blue-n/a)
-3059 (a rogue RPG-4)
-Abaddon (An RPG with a FF4 kind of look and Engrish translation-4)
-Laxius Power series (An amazingly long series of console RPG's-7)
-Urban Assault (A Microsoft RTS/FPS combo-7)
-Metal Fatigue (A mech RTS-5)
-Sacrifice (An RTS with odd mechanics-9)
-Imperialism (A civ-like game with more of a goal on taking over the world-6)
-Imperium Galaxium (A 4X game-6)
-Parkan: Iron Strategy (Another mech RTS-n/a)
-M.A.X. (Another mech RTS-5)
-Dungeon Keeper Gold (The Peter Moly-Poly-french-name god game of lore-n/a)
-Tremulous (Fun class based/RTS shooter-7)
-Shadow Watch (An X-Com like game that has been in my local Menards' clearence rack for about a year-6)
-Spellcross (Another RTS-4)
-Warhammer Epic 40K: Final Liberation (Warhammer, duh-4)
-Star Trek: Starfleet Command III (Star Trek--themed strategy game-n/a)
-Nethack (RPG fans have this on their Hard Drive, nuff said-8)
-Warsow (The o is a funny looking thing, a Timesplitters, cartoony FPS-5)
-Death Illustrated (A black-and-white FPS, comic book style-4)
-D-Day: Battle for Normandy (A WWII Quake 2 standalone-6)
-Fiend (Top down Resident Evil style horror game-6)
-Harmition (A music-themed Co-op net shooter-5)
-Bullet Symphonic Orchestra (A music themed shooter-5)
-Battle for Wesnoth (Fire Emblem for PC-8)
-DOSBox and the hellions of Abandonia, where DOS games lie (so many classics, dude)
-Every Extend (Puzzle game, way super fun and crazy-9)
-Free Civ (Free Civilization, cool but outdated graphics-8)
-Glest (An early freeware Warcraft III sibling-6)
-Gate 88 (An RTS shooter-7)
-Hexxagon 2 (A puzzle strategy game, hot seat fun-7)
-La Mulana (MSX-style Metroidvania super-hard 25 hour game-4)
-MegaMek (A Mech game based on tabletop game-4)
-Noctis (A space exploration game that will make your eyes bleed from graphics-7)
-Dink Smallwood (A Zelda-like RPG-6)
-ET Fortress (A mod for RTCW:Enemy Territory, fun game-8)
-Hidden and Dangerous Deluxe (Full retail tactical shooter-6)
-The Hunted series (Scary Quake standalone mods-7)
-Assault Cube (Counter-Strike like Cube variation-8)
-Soldier Front (A cool FPS over at ijji-7)
-Gunbound (A cool worms games over at ijji-7)
-Vantage Master Online (A FF Tactics-like game for PC-7)
-Pawn (Chess at under a megabyte. Sweet-7)
-Exult and Ultima VII (Very nice, but old, RPG pair. Ultima can be found at Abandonia-8)
-Ahriman's Prophesy (Nice big Zelda/RPG gem-6)
-Final Fantasy Endless Nova (A freeware FF clone-n/a)
-Furyband (A text based LOTR Elder Scrolls-like RPG-6)
-Vega Strike (Wing Commander remake, kind of dated but fun nontheless-6)
-Albion (A DOS RPG, and still one of the best-8)
-UFO 2000 (Multiplayer X-Com-6)
-MDK (The classic third person action game-7)
-Star Wraith series (Flight sims, sorta unstable as far as I've played-n/a)
-Vivid Conception (Shooter that broke on me, but whatever-n/a)
-Cytoplasm (A cell-level, simple RTS game-6)
-Welting (A gross single screen shooter-5)
-Base Invaders (An update of Tower Defense-6)
-What Linus Bruchman Sees When He Closes His Eyes (Very cool adventure DS thing-7)
-Jonny RPG (Super hard RPG madness-7)
-Mu-Cade (shooter-9)
-Liero Xtreme (Liero, you idiot!-7)
-Alligience (Flight combat meets RTS plus super daunting learning curve-6)
-Mono (clever but slow shooter-5)
-Dark Oberon (RTS with clay units)
-Toribash (Turn based fighting game-ish thing-7)
-Eternal Daughter (An adventure action game-7)
-Hero Online (Another free MMO-4)
-Netstorm (An online only retail RTS-6)
-Transfusion (A standalone Quake I mod-4)
-UO Gateway (Ultima Online for free!!!-6)
-Bontago (A Digipen-made blob staking RTS-7)
-Crimson Fields (An Advance Wars-like grid based oldie-7)
-Trandescence (A rogue style space shooter-7)
-Enigma (A puzzle game with marbles-6)
-LBreakout (Best Breakout clone ever-8)
-Triumph War (A fun shooter with four players to keyboard-6)
-Blossom (Crazy color thingie-6)
-Daikatana Deathmatch (John Romero's game in freeness form!-negative three million)
-X-Force: Fight for Destiny (X-com thinger-3)
-Rapid Aerial Deployment (Herzong Zwei in awesome form-3)
-FlightGear (Flight sim for free!-6)
-Purge (FPS/RTS email sent back-n/a)
-Head Over Heels (Puzzle adventure remake-5)
-Deadly Rooms of Death (Classic puzzle fun-8)
-Legends: the Game (Tribes 2, but cooler-8)
-Shattered Galaxy (MMORTS, now freeish-n/a)
-Wild Metal (Rockstar's stategy tank game-6)
-Strange Attractors (one button press stpace thing-n/a)

Currently Playing: Starsiege:Tribes, Resident Evil:DS

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Comments! Oh boy! by Sceptre X

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[public entry #2]

Dec 7, 2006 - 11:32 PM
I won the EGM podcast QOTW game...XD!!!
My alias over on the 1up forums (and on Nintendo, too) is GBARULES2999, but I mixed it up over here. Anybody who heard the 12-4-06 podcast would know that not only did I get about four to five minutes of airtime to read my freaking answer, but they also answered a question of mine about the Wii. What I will get as my prize I do not know, but the prize van man claims "Triple A stuff," when in fact I hear it's a junky DVD trivia game about wars. Ah, well, I won. Life's good.

Not only that, but in RL I'm in a play that's getting tons of attention in our (sorta big) community, and that's this weekend. I'm in such a good mood right now, it's not even funny. Oh, wait. Never mind.

Currently Playing: Final Fantasy III, Animal Crossing: Wild World

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[public entry #1]

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