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Oct 18, 2006 - 02:11 PM
Marketing = 3vil
After dinner with my sister a couple nights ago, we were watching TV. Then she lets slip the most horrifying statement that's ever rattled my brain: "I love commercials."

I almost shit myself. Some of you might be inclined to ask why this terrified me. I mean, sure, most people don't like commercials, and most of those folk won't need the explanation. Let me indulge those who don't fall under that heading. Our culture seems to thrive on convincing people that their need is far greater than it actually is. "Your floor isn't clean enough! Throw away that broom and get a Swiffer!" "Ordinary cleaning products don't get all the germs. Your children aren't safe now, and if you don't buy our sulfuric acid-laced sanitary wipes, you don't care aobut your kids!" And of course, not only do these new and utterly useless products take up resources we don't have (read: Peak Oil, Disappearing Rainforest), they're fuckin' DISPOSABLE! Use it once, and throw it away.

My sister is in marketing. Is it bad that I think my sister is not only wasting her life, but also contributing to the greatest disservice to the species since the creation of WMDs? This is the same girl who changes the subject every time I mention Peak Oil, and laughs a hearty gut laugh whenever I suggest modding her Volkswagon to run on cooking oil (Cheap and effective, look it up if you drive a diesel).

Maybe I'm adopted.

Currently Playing: Clerks 2 OST

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