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Sep 2, 2013 - 03:38 AM
Picture Entry: STGCC 2013 (Singapore Toy, Games, and Comics Convention)
Last Saturday I went to the biggest pop-culture convention in Singapore called STGCC. Same as last year, I only went there to meet some Filipino artists who work for Marvel (who I've befriended through Skype chats). There were a lot of Toys, a bit of comics, and a small amount of games. I've mainly roamed the Artists' Alley looking for cool art and sketchbooks. I would rather spend my money to support the small artists rather than the big companies.

The rest of the pics are here

my hand

The first of many Iron Men

obligatory Star Wars cosplay

this guy

Marvel's Joe Madureira (Ultimates, Avenging Spider-Man) with CB Cebulski and David Mack onstage

Carlo Pagulayan, artist for Planet Hulk and many other books

big-ass Marvel booth

too many nervous guys flocking this cosplayer's booth

Tales of Xilia

Tales of Xilia guy (Hideo Baba and a Japanese cosplayer)

Redjuice (

tired lady


probably lost his AT-AT

Wolverine and Deadpool

Hot Toys' Iron Man Hall of Armor

Chun Li with claws, some Iron Men, Scarlet Witch, and Ms. Marvel cosplayers

they really like Chun Li with claws

Asian Dragunov

from Halo ODST(?)

Iron Scalp

David Mack (Kabuki, Daredevil) signing (I should have used flash)

penciller Stephen Segovia (Superior Carnage, Extreme X-Men) inker Jason Paz (America's Got Powers, Extreme X-Men), and fat me.

Armored Core fans wear awesome hats

the cosplay hall

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