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Oct 16, 2009 - 09:34 PM
Hellboy Time Rap Go
sleepy at work
I stole this from the Hellboy forums over at CBR (comicbookresources)


me: Write me a rap about hellboy!
In honor of him maybe killing Alice in the new one.
I: wait what happen
me: He went berserk and a house exploded with her in it.
I: hm how do you spell joy? H-E-double hellboy
with peg leg stick legs that make the dogs think they smell toys
crown round his scalp that he aint noticed, under cover
or technically on every cover, flashin and buzzin like a buzzer
leave all those mythical bitches gettin circled by some buzzards
all he needs is a cigar a trenchcoat and some cusswords
you think Grace shrugs shit off? he's immortal
flatlines and comes back, ignored it like it was a question that's rhetorical
birthed on earth in a way that's quite historical
me: This is maybe going on the hellboy forums tonight.
I: haha
who else's stork announces apocalyptic torture-full
ahhh shit im running outta steam
oh wait
born with a pair a horns, and its more than a metaphor
blood red colored takes no bull, a matador
broke that shit off with a ravenous roar
turned it all down, he's not havin the whore
has no intention of graspin the source
just wants to leave rasputin's ass raspin and hoarse
motherfucker will destruct ya with some radical force
and its no gay ass shit, no unicorns magical horse
just a metal fist and a
blitzkreig swiftness
so many fucking nazi toys you'd think it was hitler's christmas
me: That one was clever.
I: i should go to bed

Currently Playing: openoffice

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