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Bottlenoses... ASSEMBLE!

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Oct 12, 2012 - 06:31 PM
Me being selfish. So what.
Some background first:

My maternal grandmother had a very good friend from the family of the surname Pacheco. When they both eventually had children their daughters (one obviously being my mom) also became good friends. Then, as I grew up in the states, this continued into a 3rd generation of friendship between myself and their children. When I was 25 and needed to come to Guatemala, the Pacheco family in California recommended me to the Pacheco family here in Guate (the father figures in both families being brothers). I instantly became great friends with the two brothers here, a very strong friendship with Edward Pacheco in particular.

Well, over the last year Edward has gone into the tourist-guide industry, travelling everywhere between mid/south Mexico down to Panama, covering all of Central America. Without drawing this out too much he's basically been banging tourists (primarily from Europe, some from Canada, Australia) at a relentless pace, since he has a group of about 15 people (almost always primarily female) he guides for about three weeks at a time.

He fucked up and knocked up some fucking whore from Switzerland. He came inside her since she had said she was on the pill. Her explanation after the fact was that she had been vomiting around the time of conception and that that probably threw off the pill's effectiveness.

I'm the sort of person that tends to make great friendships with few people and not so much spread it among a lot of people when it comes to IRL. I'm not trying to blame anyone (though I am frustrated so I will curse the name of this bitch) but here's the thing: Edward's talking about moving over there, learning the language, making his life etc. for the sake of the child. He's gonna change his entire life... And here's the crux of this entire entry: this shit is bringing out the jealous, protective little bitch inside me and I hate that too. Edward is not only an awesome friend and an awesome person to me... But A LOT of people here in the neighborhood feel the same way about him. It makes me absolutely sick to my stomach to think that some young cunt from across the world will very possibly take Edward away from all of us just because she didn't get her shit right... Actually, I'm pretty jaded about this topic and after talking it over with him a lot these last few days I'm sure the broad did it on purpose, as so many tend to do. The point is that there are other options god damn it. Why start thinking about starting a family with a girl you just met two weeks ago?

I just can't get over it. All it took for him to nearly be taken away overnight was this fucking girl that got smitten the moment she met him (from what he tells me) getting knocked up. I know I should be taking a lot of this out on him, but he's my friend, and it feels so much better (and easier) hating on her.

The good news is that he told me what I've posted above this Sunday, five days ago... And since then his outlook has grown progressively worse on the entire ordeal and it wouldn't surprise me if he took this thing with this girl in a different direction (he can help fund the child from a distance, or abortion perhaps). I just hate all this and the only bright side I see is that if this child does happen to see the light of day, it'll be in another country and won't have to put up with the raw, shamelessly corrupt brutality of this fucked society I'm in.

This has served to remind me how much I love some of my friends, even if I can never tell them so beyond a drunken bro hug/words. It's also shown me just how low I can go as a human being in order to preserve my little world. Ah, fuck it, I don't care. I just don't want to see my friends go through the same bullshit I did... And, unlike me, he has a lot more to lose.

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