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Such a Lust for Revenge!'s Journal

Bottlenoses... ASSEMBLE!

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Feb 15, 2007 - 02:07 PM
trippinmg on Furby
you guys see this giuys sig and avatar? holy fuck that shit freaked me out. its like an anime version of the freak antijesus child that homo satan was carrying around. Fuck dat shit serious. Yous ee it Kurado?

i was smoking some shit todaym, nirvana haze when my weed master returned and showd me new stuff he got and we did a three way weed mix of different strands or whatever. dude im no scientist so bfuck you man. anyhow i think wee is like alcohol int hat if you mix it youre gonna get fucked up more. i am like on one of those string sling roller dirby spinner things yu played with as a kid and i am fucking turvving along.

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Such a Lust for Revenge!'s Journal

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