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Aug 1, 2012 - 02:13 AM
I activated the journal, for the first time since these thingies came out! SHOCK AND AWE.

Anyway, I'm thinking of using it as a purchase log, since my other journal is watched by a bunch of not-spendy people who probably would not want to see my ~extravagant ways~

So! Otakon!

The spoils:

Artwork by Kiriska, ShyCustis and Cari Corene

Closeup/gathering of stuff by Kiriska (but lacking the Jolteon ATC, because derp).

Two lovely Sailor Moon fanarts by Shouri.

A nice big poster of a fox-critter by Cari Corene! It's shiny! 8D It's so neat!

A box of Yu Yu Hakusho booster packs (the first set) (totally got shinies of some of my favorite characters, f yeah), Deleter-brand drawing pen with black and white ink, manga paper (for funsies, I will show it off to my artist friend IRL), and the two pins by Kiriska.

Toys and model kits! I was too slow on the uptake to grab the Schneider when it first appeared, so I definitely got it here <3

Books and DVDs.

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