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Nov 7, 2012 - 10:20 PM
Jeeeeeerb! (maybe)
Tomorrow I go to orientation and get my entry badge for the Amazon warehouse. My start date is November 21st. 6:30pm-5:00am in the shipping department. It's seasonal, but I was also told that since they overbook/overhire, that I need to be there early cause it would be first come, first serve.

It's been a while Iron Man shift, I know you will try to break me. I expect a lot of pain, a lot of "holy fuck my feet hurt" and the like. But, I have to do this. It's been way too long.

I understand that it's seasonal, so I'm looking at 2 possibly 3 months of work and then the slight possibility of being asked to stay on if I do a great enough job. Even if it is just for the holiday season, at least that's something current and then I can put it on my application for future jobs.

Other than that, things seem to start finally looking up for me. I'm starting to write a bit more, perhaps I can finally finish this novel 13+ years in the making. Maybe I can even sign up for a talent agency, get some extras work in. I dunno, I feel pretty damn good for once.

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