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Jan 16, 2008 - 05:54 PM
The Sky Rained Pebbles ...and the Bookstore's Catch
I was walking back to my dorm this afternoon when, to my surprise, I see several tiny blue pebbles strewn across the sidewalk. They started near the street and continued up the path until I as about halfway to the building. But I saw them go down the other nearby paths, too! What are these strange pebbles?

I looked around to see where they might have come from. There's been construction recently, so maybe that was the source. But alas! Nothing. There were no trucks. There were no workers. So, I continued forward. The pebbles either faded or had all been mashed into the sidewalk. That is, until I reached the dorm itself. The pebbles returned! I followed them a little more. They led up the stairs leading inside, the stairs I use every day. At the bottom of each step there was (is) a large cluster, like water that collects after a storm. I now believed that I would find my answer inside. I opened the door.

Nothing but carpet. The mysterious blue pebbles that had fallen so that it looked like they had either started or ended in my dorm vanished. There were no pebbles in the dorm.

This can only mean one thing. They fell from the sky. We are supposed to get precipitation tonight. Perhaps with the pebbles and the water, nature is providing in its own way. I expect every dorm resident to have pet goldfish in bowls by next week.

Oh, and the bookstore apparently won't let you return any books you paid for via credit card unless you have that card with you (so that they can put the money back on it). Someone should tell the freshmen in the fall before they buy stuff with their parents.

Currently Playing: Spider-Man: Friend or Foe DS

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