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Nov 28, 2006 - 08:10 PM
Fun With Usernames
Acerbandit - a corrupt dealer that prevents poker players from getting aces
AliceNWonderland - an underground punk band
Blue_Kirby2 - the second model of the Blue_Kirby line of vacuums
BlueMikey - a coy term used to describe the Life mascot when he choked on cereal
Dubble - what comes after singul
Grubdog - a viking
Identity Crisis - a side-effect of amnesia
Infernal Monkey - the wrench in the Infernal Machine
LeHah - a mocking French exclamation
nuttyturnip - a homemade treat made in some farming areas
packrat - a shortened name for the rarely used backpackrat storage item
ramoth - a misspelling of a forgotten Egyptian insect
RockgamerXIII - the thirteenth in a generation of men that enjoy marbles and skipping stones
Secret Squirrel - a rodent ninja
Sir VG - Sir Vacuum Gauge
Snowknight - a snowman complete with snowarmor, snowweaponry, and a snowsteed
Spatula - a tongue depressor
Tails - the archnemesis of Heads
Yamamanama - a city in Panama founded due to the surplus of bananas
Zergrinch - the German production of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"

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