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Jul 3, 2010 - 04:57 PM
Back to Reality
Just got home this afternoon from a week's vacation in Kure Beach, NC with my mom, dad, Persephone, my sister, her children, Wyatt and Jonathan. There's really nothing much there except the beach, which is just the way I like it. I feel so rested and am not looking forward to going back to work.

We rented bicycles and spent a lot of time just cruising around. One day we braved the 99 degree heat and rode our bikes 2 miles each way to the boardwalk, where there are actual restaurants, a small amusement park and a famous donut shop ( that sells the most delicious donuts in the world. My bike had a child seat on the back and Persephone loved riding back there. Every time we rode she kept saying adorable things like, "I like riding on my bike with Ellie because she keeps me safe," and "Are you doing good up there, Ellie?" Then she would pat my back.

Most of the time we just hung out on the beach with the kids. We did a stupid thing, though, and forgot to take our camera. Jonathan took this one of me and my sister on the beach with her cell phone:


We look nothing alike, I know.

We splurged on an expensive Jamaican dinner one night, which was fun. Other than that, we mostly cooked our meals at home to save money. Wyatt made delicious Bobby Flay home fries one night. I took pictures of his cooking skillz with my parents' camera. Hopefully they will remember to share the pictures with me at some point. Persephone was adorable as always and says the most hilarious and surprising things for a 2-year-old. She was terrified of the ocean, though.

Only 365 more days until it's vacation time again! I can't wait!

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