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She knows what you did there.

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Aug 12, 2014 - 02:43 PM
Every time is corgi time
Seeing the Chocojournal is empty and all, here's more photos of my dog! OH JOY

Puppy is 8 months old now, and next month he's considered a young adult, or junior.
So here's some photos along the growing journey and most of them have about a week between the next:


First time meeting another dog outside his mom & siblings. They're good friends nowdays too.

Meeting with local corgis.

Recently he has learned to like swimming too.

A rug.

He loves going all bonkers on my bed, I usually have to fix the sheets.

Good mud, apparently.

In our visit to latest dog show, a corgi show, the breeder, also present there, had a experienced friend who offered to show our dog to the judge. Never even learned who the blue haired woman in crocs was

And lastly a fresh photo. And of course the lens was dirty...

Corgis are wonderful dogs, fo real.

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