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Feb 5, 2013 - 04:10 PM
How I Fired My Boss (Also Known as Tande Ascends to Power +_+)
Well, let me start out with saying this:

The previous manager of the store I work at was batshit insane, sexist, and lazy as shit. He would regularly sit on his smart phone and watch wrestling for hours on end. He wouldn't get -shit- done, and then expected all his assistant managers to clean up after him. He hired -homeless- people (not saying I don't like to give people chances, but CHRIST, they've never heard of showers before, honestly). He regularly hired friends of his, too, who were practically useless.

And of course I didn't let this go on. I had reported the man -three- times to the district manager, complaining of his sexist remarks, how he threatened team members, and how lazy he was. Even when I had proof the district manager shrugged it off, wrote up the man, and everything was fixed for...about a week. After that, the man would go back to doing what he typically did. Being a lazy asshole.

Anyway, to be completely honest, this story isn't because of my actions, but another member of my staff, who I shall call T. T has barely any teeth, weighs about 200+ lbs, and is at least 6'4" and bald. He looks like he's 50. In reality, he's 29. Anyway, T was hired by the previous manager (let's just call him L) because he worked at Wal*Mart with him at one point and T sure knew how to brown nose.

I suppose T wasn't really entirely happy with how L was acting, and ended up talking with the district manager one night when I was acting assistant manager. Later, the district manager pulled me aside and simply asked me:

"So, what do you think about being a store manager?"

I kind of stumbled out that I didn't think I have enough time for it because of school, but I could probably do it. That was fine enough for the district manager, who said I'd be acting store manager the moment L was fired...though, the district manager mentioned he needed to drive off to the main store (a full state away) because of deliveries and all that jazz. Which meant I had to show up the next morning and fire L and proceed to work his shift and my previously schedule shift.


Anyway, I go home a bit chattered since hell, I've never fired anyone in my life. S'just how it goes, I suppose.

The plan pretty much went like this: I would come into the store, ask to use the phone, call the district manager, and then hand the phone off to L. So I guess, technically I wasn't the one to fire him. And that's pretty much how it happened: I came in, asked for the phone, called the district manager, and went to go print off paperwork that L would have to sign because them's the breaks.

L took it pretty softly, honestly...I was expecting him to hit me. He pretty much ran out back, smoked a cigarette, and grabbed his coat. Signed the paper, and left without another word.

The teammembers and trainee present kind of stared at me like I was crazy and I shrugged it off. I had to explain to the friends he just hired that L was fired and I was the new acting manager. Funny story: not a single one managed to make it a month at the store after that.

I'm sorry that story was a lot less exciting than I made it out to be. But not everyone gets to do something like that in their life, right?

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