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map car man words telling me to do things's Journal

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Sep 1, 2020 - 03:44 PM
acer is still a madman
Response to: Acer is a madman by map car man words telling me to do things


I receive a gigantic package that by some miracle does not get stuck in customs.

Though they did not deliver it to my door, I had to go to my local post office to pick it up.

A package I barely get home with help from my parents and their car

What could be inside?


A ransom note, eh. Well, we'll just have to disagree on those horns, buddy. There's no such thing as too big horns. If anything's too big, it's this box!

Empty packing, ehhh. You may have fooled customs, but you're not fooling me. Why this box is full of..!


maybe it is empty packing after all...

I will accept this gift.

Wait a minute, there's a ton of cardboard here! I've already been fooled! Like customs!

What is this tube? This looks like gun rifling! An assassination attempt!

Why, it ejected a poster! A Gravity Falls poster! Two of them!

Well I barely survived that attack, I wonder if I should look any further.

Why it's a box of bubblewrap! Surely this isn't a bullet!

Why it's an ACTUAL box of bubblewrap! Safety first! This is a strangely safe bullet if it is one!

Now hold on a minute, this isn't a box of bubble wrap at all! This is a figma statue!


This is a present!


Look at this, this envelope of bubblewrap is already displaying its contents. Also not a bullet!

No, this isn't bubblewrap either! These look like fabric!

Man's first video game! It's a history lesson! Also not a bullet!

Yes yes, from stone age, to ghosts, to pirates! It's a history of our kind! At world's end! Pretty grim. These are rad though! I love the ghosts!

No, wait? More history lessons?

Yes, after pirates, there came music! And Bryan Lee O'Malley!

Then the space age! Exploration! Discovery! Bullets!

And then back to video games after eons! I know this one, it's that french series! Dofus? Wakfu?

Oh, it is Wakfu!


For me!

Not bullets!





A secret code! Encryption!

We will get to the bottom of th-


oh no

oh no look at this

it's a choose your own adventure gravity falls book

acer oh no acer

look at how cool this is

wait there's more in here

ohh nooo

oh my god acer legends of localization for earthbound

I've always wanted to read this and never got around to ordering from fangamer because of shipping and everything

ohhh nooo acer this is so cool


ohhhh my god acer nooo

It's Journal #3

This is so cool oh my god

ohhh man it's got stanford's notes about everything

I guess some of this has to be Dipper's writing and Mabel's art? sometimes?

ohh nooo I love this

I always wanted one of these ohhh noo acerrrr

OHHHH NOOOOOOO there's more oh no

It's the graphic novel and a portable black light?

I think it'll reveal stuff in the journal?

ohhhh nooo look at this art

oh no acer i love thisssss

acer this is too much

thank you so much oh no

oh no acer

ohhh noo I still have more to open

why are there so many of these acer

wait what the hell is this

it comes with stan bucks!


and a whopping -12 quentin trembley bux!

what is thiiisssss

it comes with real string and everything

carefully open it

what isssss thissssss


wait wait what the hell




oh my god acer

this is like the super rare collector's edition version of Journal 3

ohhh my god acer

they made like 10000 of these or something


ohhhh maaannn look at this

This is 5127 out of 10.000

the highlights letter spell "lucky you"!


how do i

oh no acer this is too much

they have like PHYSICAL photos and notes and stuff attached to the pages

this is so meticulous

I'm guessing THIS book is what the black light is for


acer this is too much

I love this so much but jesus

m-more codes

why are there still so many of these


ohhh noo acer what is this

there's so many

ohhhh what is this

it's something super rad isn't it

ohhh nooooo acer you didn't

it's the Wanderer's Journal and awesome papercraft


you know I love Hollow Knight oh noooo

wait no what the fffff


this is too much oh my god

I always dreamed of getting these but told myself not to because so many reasons ohhh my god

acer noooo

look at these

oh god there's more

Undertale artbook? That looks like the Double Fine Adventure documentary they made about making Broken Age

and a super beautiful Hollow Knight pin

ohhhh it includes the game too

god this is so nice

and there's a.. sticker? a card


ohhhh nooo these were in an envelope toooo


I love these they're so cute are you kidding me



nono no what is this

acer my heart can't take this anymore

there's too much


oh my god

I love gravity falls so much, but I didn't order this when it was coming out because I told myself I shouldn't because it's Region A and shipping and customs would kill me and maybe they'll release a Region B version but they never did and by then it was too late to try to get one unless you went to scalpers

now i have one

thanks to you again acer




thank you so much, this is WAY too much

ohhnooo nonono acer no acer

oh noo the first volume of the legends of localizations

is this what the passports came with?

ohhh nooo


it's like everything from all three games

and it comes with a little envelope with more art

nooo there's still more


ohhh nooo it's like every book and game and gorgeous anything I've ever wanted

fucking dragon's dogma and Darkstalkers are you kidding meeee

this witcher book is so nice, it goes so well with my world of cyberpunk book now oh god


this is



thank you ;____;

I already told you I'm flabbergasted this thing made it through customs but I'm also horrified how much shipping you paid for all of this

this is so many birthday and christmas presents

thank you so much ohhh nooo

Lucina is amazing she's already on my shelf

Alphonse and Brocken and Griffin and Tali and the amiibos are happy to have her


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