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Jun 18, 2017 - 01:15 PM
GFF Meet 2017 photos - Part 3
Days 0-1 photos here

Days 2-4 photos here

Sorry for the delay. This proved harder than I'd expected. Here's the remaining days.

YouTube Video

Days 5-7 Thursday-Saturday:

oh, did i mention we moved upstairs last night because of cody's foot and he was better off sleeping in our room downstairs

it's pretty nice!

i kinda wanna stay in this room next year


awww yea, tails and garr playing double dragon IV was a particular highlight

acer made balloon animals and weapons for us


Then we played Mount Your Friends

YouTube Video

Wait, friday already? Shit

We finally went to that pancake place on time!

It was awesome!




Garr with the advanced pancake strats!







Then I too went in the hottub and we did BoilingForce and it was super nice while it was still lightly raining and we were all just boiling in there and there was a big ol bumblebee in the bushes

Then Cody was free and we went to pick him up at the hospital and his fucking coffee GOD


Then we went for ice cream!


Then it was time for food!

Far, far too much food!

Then the moon was up and absolutely gorgeous so we went over to the beach to stare at it and my camera can't do it justice.

abby did some art

And then it was saturday! Shit!

Then everyone left and I didn't get any shots of hugs and then Abby dropped me off at the airport and I met up with Talec, Tritoch and CHz who were still there


and then ate a gross bacon king meal and regretted everything

then tritoch bailed on us like a chump so we walked around in a tiny tiny airport waiting for chz's plane to start boarding

then chz left

then we sat around some more with talec till her plane left

and then an hour later my plane left and I went home and no more remained

What a week. Next year I need to bring my Ixus again for emergency photos and video cause using my phone sucks.

Thank you all for being such lovely people, looking forward to seeing everyone again next year.

Here's the group shot again:

group photo 2017:

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Gamingforce Choco Journal
map car man words telling me to do things's Journal

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