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Jun 25, 2015 - 04:44 PM
GFF Meet 2015 photos: Day 4
Day 0 photos here

Days 1-3 photos here

I'm having a lot of technical difficulties with my second memory card, so my original plan to do the rest of the week in one go went out the window.


YouTube Video

Day 4 Wednesday:
After two days of grey skies, it was a lovely weather again! Pool time!

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Ambipuncher was a thing!

The Elite 4 scheming and calculating

And here were the Swagathon awards!

They even had a little dolphin on them~

Greg was voted best in team!

Resistance was a thing!

no one was trustworthy

lots of accusations were thrown around

Then we took another walk on the beach and it was lovely

This little guy was doing rounds on the beach. Abby decided to berate him for his life choices.







Then she chased after some seagulls once more

and was never seen or heard from again

RIP Abby

you will be missed

oh she came back


then we played some smash


courtesy vegetables the best




eating continued


Then it was time for Erik's nice and accurate trivia

I love that we proceeded to next question by booing Erik

"Are we ready to move on?"


"I'm not hearing enough booing"













aaaand I think that's it for Wednesday.

I'd have loved to combine more days, but Thursday is Cody's fancy dinner, so it'd be better to keep that separate as there's a LOT of photos still left.

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