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Welcome to the Exploding Garrmondo Weiner Interactive Swiss Army Penis.
GFF is a community of gaming and music enthusiasts. We have a team of dedicated moderators, constant member-organized activities, and plenty of custom features, including our unique journal system. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ or our GFWiki. You will have to register before you can post. Membership is completely free (and gets rid of the pesky advertisement unit underneath this message).

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What are the allowed dimensions for signatures?
In order to not stretch the tables on 800x600 display resolution, we've adopted the following guidelines for creation of signatures:

- Maximum number of images: 2
- Maximum image filesize: 50 KB (total)
- Maximum image dimensions: 550 pixels wide, 300 pixels high (total)
- No more than 10 lines of regular-sized, single-spaced text (with no images)
- Text and images not to stretch the postbit on a one-line post.

What types of threads are not allowed here?
There are several types of threads which are not allowed, under any circumstances. These are:
- Homework help threads. Google is a great resource for getting help with things.
- Game-specific help threads. GameFAQs specializes in this.
- Advertising threads. Keep advertisements to your sig or journal.
- Petition threads. Similar to advertisements, these should be kept off the forum listing.

Can I have a second account? How about a third?
You may not use a second account to post regularly on the forums. If it is found that this has occurred, both accounts will be merged or banned, depending on the circumstances. Having a second account for browsing only is ok at times, as long as it's not being used for rating people down or other malicious intent. Again, if this is found to be the case, both accounts will be banned and the offending votes will be removed.

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