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Welcome to the Exploding Garrmondo Weiner Interactive Swiss Army Penis.
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Top 3 Donors

Donated Amount


Donated Amount


Donated Amount

Welcome to the donation page! Here we list and honor those who have donated money to help keep GFF alive. This list is updated as soon as your donation clears. When you donate, please send a PM to Miles telling what name you donated with so we can apply the correct donation amount to your forum account. There is no required amount that needs to be donated and all your donated money goes directly to the monthly server bill. Special privileges and rewards may come to those who donate!

Update: Donors may now specify custom messages for display beside their name on the donor list. If you have not submitted one, an edit box will be made available. Existing messages can be removed and resubmitted at any time.

Username Donated Amount Message
Kaleb.G $1014 $50/mo May'07~Apr'08 ($600 total).
$20/mo May'08~Dec'08 and Jul'09~Jun'10 ($400 total).
$2 per My Stuff request. (7 stuffs = $14 total).
Radez $1000 Community is a special thing.
FatsDomino $600
Secret Squirrel $500
Niekon $350 lurker donations? who knows... some know me... some do not... most don't care...
Bigblah $160 The guy above me likes it in the rear

This line is bold
The unmovable stubborn $150 Hill apathetically abandoned!
Franky Mikey $135 Pangalin is my hero
Midna $131.00
OmagnusPrime $125 Scrolling text is scrolling

Also, Skills sucks. Why lie.
Kairyu $122
I poked it and it made a sad sound $120
value tart $117.89 y is ur imag a dick
surasshu $110 :U!
nazpyro $110 Gonna donate more to be not just above Bigblah.
Philia $100
nuttyturnip $83.97 BONESTEEL FOREVER
coeccias $80.00
Basil $75
hikarub $60
Forsety $60 I found this under the train tracks.
map car man words telling me to do things $50 Take good care of my icobucks, Miles ;___;
Xardion $50
gaara-chan $50
The_Griffin $50
cubed $50
the quiet fox $50 ^^
Dullenplain $50 In the Ulysses S. Grant crowd!
Identity Crisis $50 I'M LOSING, OH SHI~
Zorro $40
Inhert $35 ^ some people sure did donate a lot XD
Shonos $30 Derp.
Cataclysm $30
Stop Sign $30
Kensaki $30 <<
i am good at jokes $30
Guru $25 Cooler than you.
The Plane Is A Tiger $25 Better than Britain.
Lukage $25 Ace Combat is overrated.
Fluffykitten McGrundlepuss $25
SuperNova $25.00 Some folks donated $25, while I donated $25.00, and that's more awesome!
janus zeal $25.00 Please enter an amount greater then zero.
Drex $22.22
scotty $21 This page needs more Launch Octopus
Jurassic Park Chocolate Raptor $20 Taking bets on when Miles is going to run away to Cancun on donator money.
Plarom $20
Cat9 $20
Magi $20 Uguu!
Sarag $20 I regret that I had but one dead president to give to my country.
Zephyrin $20.00 With this money....your mom can go to college.
Shorty $20
Ceres $15
Hi, My Name Is Hito $13.37 First one to 1337.
Congle line of abuse. Or is that conga-line. Or congaline. $12.34 My donation is the most interesting! I was considering 13.37, but I can't afford that.
Turbo $10 This money came from Walmart!
Free.User $10 I'm with stupid ^
Chaotic $10
Taco $10 I could've joined SA with this.
yurivish $10.01
speculative $10
Krelian $10
tebian $10
Great site guys !!
Grawl $8.79 I DONATED ALL I HAD!
Put Balls $6.66 Fucking furries.
Summonmaster $6.66 Congratulations.
Elixir $5
Lacerta $5.55 5555555555555555555555
Top Dollar $5
knkwzrd $4.38
Freelance $2.12
ctu $2 That was all the money I had in my paypal account. I would have donated more if I had it.

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