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Conversation Between Rockman and Culden
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  1. Rockman
    Jun 25, 2014 04:57 AM
    It took me over 2 weeks almost since there was a part of BGM in the game where the BGM can change depending on what's happening. And they were all divided up into 200+ files for each piece of BGM. So I had piece every bit of music the right way exactly how it sounded in-game. It wasn't as simple as just piecing it at the end of each bit unfortunately. But I don't think I'd ever want to post it in FLAC for that reason alone.

    Thanks for the message. It's nice to see a familiar face. I also welcome anymore VMs for people who just want to talk again.
  2. Rockman
    Jun 25, 2014 04:57 AM
    Oddly enough I was covering Japanese Pokemon Event files for a good 4-5 years which would take about 80% of my time hunting down Japanese saves that would have any Events acquired on them. Eventually the 3DS came out, so that was a point for me to quit since I was getting sick and tired of all the repeditive events that were going on for that last generation. It was one of those things where you'd do it for the fun of it and then it became boring after so much time to the point where I was burnt out covering any files I could find, and not really playing any of those games. It's surprising that I'd ever get back into it after so long 1999.

    One of downside of technology today that's kind of annoying for me. People usually want things in FLAC these days. I kind of liked mp3s for the sake of not having someone re-encode your stuff freely that you spent hours or days working on. I had a Gundam rip around 3 years ago that I had to do since a lot of people wanted it.
  3. Rockman
    Jun 25, 2014 04:56 AM
    Sorry for the delay. I remember you! It's hard to imagine that 10 years can go by so quickly. Besides ripping audio, I recall you used to host an FTP too. I haven't talked with CL in years either, though he was doing pretty well in 2008~9ish when we had last talked.

    I'm usually doing other game rips these days that aren't Capcom based, branching out if you will. Mostly anything Gundam that I'm interested in and a few odds and ends here and there. It's a shame my favorite franchise died off like it did. Besides doing anything with audio. I do cover anything Rockman related I might post on my Rockman blog, and I also have a Blog for everything else.
  4. Culden
    Jan 11, 2014 11:35 PM
    Dude, it has been many many years, im not even sure if you remember me. You, Capcom Lord and i used to be good friends on these forums. I hope to hear from you.

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